Do you find yourself thinking about links all the time? if you do, then you are definitely obsessed and need some help. So let me be the one that helps you out. Yes, links are very important, and yes links do get you up in the search results. Just not any link though. You can not go out and start building thousands of crappy links and expect to see any results from that. If you are going to get links, you should focus on high pr backlinks and that is it. There are quite a few ways to get some of these, but some are much harder and much more time consuming than the other. If we were going to suggest to you the easiest and quickest way we would tell you to find a reputable company and just buy them. Although this is against the rules and guidelines, many people and companies do this every day and do not think twice about it. So first you need to think about your ethics. Do you care if you are breaking the rules? Do you care if something bad happens to your site? These are both questions you need to ask yourself before proceeding and doing anything about. If you do not have any problem with this, then we can tell you about a few good companies to go to that provide this service and do it well. But first you need to know a few things. You can not just go out and buy links and hope to hit page 1. You have to have the correct on-page seo set up and correct before you work on the off-page. If you do not have the right foundation, it will never work out, no matter how many links you have. Once you have that squared away, you have to check your link profile,and see what anchor text you have used in the past, and what you can use going forward. If you have targeted a specific kw too many times than you might not be able to use that same kw again. Make sure you are never too aggressive with this, as this can kill your site from life. So be careful with the anchor text you use, and never use the same kw’s more than 30% of the time when  building links. The rest of your link profile should consist of Brand links, url links, and generic links. As long as you have a very diversified link profile, you are safe to target any kw you want. If you have used the same word over 30% of time then you need to be focusing on diversifying that instead of high pr links. Once you get that straightened out you can go back to the high authority link building. Just do not make the mistake of doing things the wrong way, as you will find yourself penalized and having to start over from the beginning with a new domain and new site.

If you need some help with all of this, we suggest you go ahead and start checking out this website here – where you an gets lots more help and information about all this stuff

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