Ok all of you reading this, as the tile says, I think that we really did find the best movers in NYC out there right now. The reason we think we did, is because we searched far and wide for a mover and the search first started by going online and searching for movers nyc which came back with thousand of companies. Now this was too big of a search so we had to narrow it down a little bit, or a lot for that matter. We then searched for the best movers in nyc, and that limited the amount of companies to choose from. Then we took those companies and went to a few moving review sites, and from there we were able to see what the public thinks bout these places. Some of these movers had hundreds of reviews, and you have to think that about 10% of all reviews are fake, so we did take that into consideration. Now we had a list of 4 companies to choose from. Out of those four we knew we had our movers. We called each of these, set up times for them to come out and see our place, and they came out to give us a free estimate. After they came out, we compare all the quotes together, and we based our final decision on price of course, but also how many men we were going to get, the hours we were given with them, and if they supplied any materials, like bubble wrap, boxes, tape, etc… From there we had a company in mind to use. There name is Serenity Movers NYC, and they have been in business for over 18 years services the NYC community. They had 100’s of positive reviews from everyone that has done business with them, and we thought they were a perfect fit for us. They also are considered Green Movers, which is what sealed the deal for us. We hired them, set the moving date, and paid them the initial deposit needed for them to book us. Now the only thing left for them to do was actually show up on moving day and get us moved. That day came and they did a fantastic job, all around. They packed everything perfectly, loaded it all great, unloaded it, and placed it where we wanted it, all with no problems at all. ALL in all they were spectacular, that is the only word we can think of to describe their services. We hope that if you are planning to move and need a good movers in nyc, that you consider Serenity Movers NYC for the job.

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