Do you find yourself thinking about links all the time? if you do, then you are definitely obsessed and need some help. So let me be the one that helps you out. Yes, links are very important, and yes links do get you up in the search results. Just not any link though. You can not go out and start building thousands of crappy links and expect to see any results from that. If you are going to get links, you should focus on high pr backlinks and that is it. There are quite a few ways to get some of these, but some are much harder and much more time consuming than the other. If we were going to suggest to you the easiest and quickest way we would tell you to find a reputable company and just buy them. Although this is against the rules and guidelines, many people and companies do this every day and do not think twice about it. So first you need to think about your ethics. Do you care if you are breaking the rules? Do you care if something bad happens to your site? These are both questions you need to ask yourself before proceeding and doing anything about. If you do not have any problem with this, then we can tell you about a few good companies to go to that provide this service and do it well. But first you need to know a few things. You can not just go out and buy links and hope to hit page 1. You have to have the correct on-page seo set up and correct before you work on the off-page. If you do not have the right foundation, it will never work out, no matter how many links you have. Once you have that squared away, you have to check your link profile,and see what anchor text you have used in the past, and what you can use going forward. If you have targeted a specific kw too many times than you might not be able to use that same kw again. Make sure you are never too aggressive with this, as this can kill your site from life. So be careful with the anchor text you use, and never use the same kw’s more than 30% of the time when  building links. The rest of your link profile should consist of Brand links, url links, and generic links. As long as you have a very diversified link profile, you are safe to target any kw you want. If you have used the same word over 30% of time then you need to be focusing on diversifying that instead of high pr links. Once you get that straightened out you can go back to the high authority link building. Just do not make the mistake of doing things the wrong way, as you will find yourself penalized and having to start over from the beginning with a new domain and new site.

If you need some help with all of this, we suggest you go ahead and start checking out this website here – where you an gets lots more help and information about all this stuff

Lately we have been getting lots of emails regarding Instagram, and people really want to know if it is important to have a lot of followers and likes for their pictures. It really depends on the purpose of the account. If it is a  personal account, then I would say it is not that important, but if it is for business, then I would absolutely say it is vital to have a huge following and having tons of likes and interaction could be vital for your business. There are really only two ways to increase your follower count, one would be the natural way and just post stuff and hope people follow you, and the other way would be to artificially increase your followers, because you can definitely buy instagram followers cheap these days and get a lot in return. This will help you get that initial boost that all business’s sometimes need when just starting a new social media account somewhere. Once you get the ball rolling and start getting that follower count up, it will be much easier to make it go sky high. The reasoning for this is simple, when you go to a social media account profile and only see 10 followers or 10 likes, there is a pretty slim chance that you yourself are going to follow or like them. However when you go to an account that has thousands of followers and tons of likes and user interaction, you will definitely be more inclined to join in, follow, like, and comment because you see everyone else doing so. So this tactic is probably one of the best ways to go about boosting your Instagram Following in a quick and reliable way. The only thing you now have to consider is what company to use to do this. We have been researching a few companies over the past week, due to all the emails we have been receiving, and there is only one company that we would recommend to our readers. That company is Fast Social Fans, and they have quite a few packages to choose from, no matter if you have a small or large budget to work with. We did a trial with them, because there is no way we would recommend a company to you without actually using them ourselves, and they performed above and beyond what we expected. They gave us way more then what we ordered, they spread it out over a week so it looked natural, and all of the followers are real and active on the platform. So go ahead and try them out, you will not be disappointed, we promise.

Last month I was out in California on a business trip, and I had rented a car to get around, taking a taxi everywhere would of cost a fortune and just didn’t make one bit of sense. So I rented a car from the airport, and I was on my way. I went to my multiple meeting s on day 1, and was on my way back to the hotel. I settled in there, and when I woke up the next morning, I went down to the rental car and realized that I did not have the keys in my pocket, where I “knew” I left them the night before. I knew I needed to cal a locksmith asap, because I had another meeting set up a half hour from the time it was. So as fast as I could I pulled out my phone, opened up Google, and put in locksmith santa monica and waited for the results to show up. I picked the top 3 companies and started to call them. I asked how long it would take for them to show up, I asked how long they thought it would take to get inside the rental car, and of course I asked for pricing. I then had to make a decision on which one to choose. I needed to make a split second decision as the time was ticking and my meeting was getting closer and closer. So I made an educated choice, called them back, set it all up, and 10 minutes later they arrived on the scene. Once the guy got there it literally only took him about 5 minutes to break in, kinda scary I think, but hey these guys are pros and it is their profession. All in all the whole thing took 20 minutes, I paid the guy, tipped him an extra few bucks, and that was it, done. I was off to my meeting and had a few minutes to spare. I really do have to say that this locksmith company was outstanding, they provide a great service in a quick time, at an affordable price, with no hassle and no bs. That is the only reason I decided to write this today, because so many locksmith companies are known to be corrupt and this one is not one of those companies. If I had to rate them out of 10 I would give them a full 10, for sure. The guy knew that I was in a real time crunch and he could of easily added a bunch more money to the price, but he didn’t and that is what makes his company stand out from the rest. I would highly recommend this place for anyone who needs a locksmith in the Santa Monica are, whether it be for your car, house, office, or safe, these guys will treat you right and give you A 1 Service.

These guys have been around for a long time and have built up quite a good reputation for themselves. They have locations in South Florida and California, and are growing pretty fast. You can check out their website here

Ok all of you reading this, as the tile says, I think that we really did find the best movers in NYC out there right now. The reason we think we did, is because we searched far and wide for a mover and the search first started by going online and searching for movers nyc which came back with thousand of companies. Now this was too big of a search so we had to narrow it down a little bit, or a lot for that matter. We then searched for the best movers in nyc, and that limited the amount of companies to choose from. Then we took those companies and went to a few moving review sites, and from there we were able to see what the public thinks bout these places. Some of these movers had hundreds of reviews, and you have to think that about 10% of all reviews are fake, so we did take that into consideration. Now we had a list of 4 companies to choose from. Out of those four we knew we had our movers. We called each of these, set up times for them to come out and see our place, and they came out to give us a free estimate. After they came out, we compare all the quotes together, and we based our final decision on price of course, but also how many men we were going to get, the hours we were given with them, and if they supplied any materials, like bubble wrap, boxes, tape, etc… From there we had a company in mind to use. There name is Serenity Movers NYC, and they have been in business for over 18 years services the NYC community. They had 100′s of positive reviews from everyone that has done business with them, and we thought they were a perfect fit for us. They also are considered Green Movers, which is what sealed the deal for us. We hired them, set the moving date, and paid them the initial deposit needed for them to book us. Now the only thing left for them to do was actually show up on moving day and get us moved. That day came and they did a fantastic job, all around. They packed everything perfectly, loaded it all great, unloaded it, and placed it where we wanted it, all with no problems at all. ALL in all they were spectacular, that is the only word we can think of to describe their services. We hope that if you are planning to move and need a good movers in nyc, that you consider Serenity Movers NYC for the job.

Today folks I am going to give you a quick update regarding our marketing & SEO progress so far. As you know from our previous post we did hire an outside company to help us out and free up our time. That is going great so far and it has only been a few weeks. Since we need to focus a lot on our seo strategy, we did hired one of the best local seo firms out there ti help us out and get us back on the board. Considering it has only been a really short amount of time, they are doing an excellent job and we see better and better results every day. We now have a bunch of phrases related to our site on the first page, and we are seeing more and more traffic come to the site every day. We completely owe this to our seo campaign, as we track all traffic and it is coming from organic search most of it. Now since it has only been a short time, we know that things are only getting started and we will see much better results and much more traffic and time goes on. This company we hired only uses White Hat methods and has a 100% success rate with their past and current clients. This is rare and one of the main reasons we went with them. Seeing a perfect percentage really sets the bar high, and if they have done that for everyone else there is no reason they can’t do it for us as well. One of the main reasons we decided to hire a company to help us was because we needed to focus on what we do best, and that is write great content for the site. If we had to focus on every aspect of a website that would leave absolutely no time at all for us to produce content. That being said, if you are currently working on a site, your best bet would be to do what you do best. Don’t get caught up in all the little things, just focus on what makes your company and site the best it can be. This means letting go of all the marketing, seo, graphic design, and everything and anything else that would take up lots of time that you do not have. Strictly work on making your site the best, and have the best content you can write on there.

If you are interested in hiring a great local seo company, then we highly suggest checking out this company SEOjus for this, as they have a 100% success rate and will not do you wrong ever. If you mention seeing this post you might get a little special treatment from them, as we do have some history with them from the past. If you have never listened to us in the 10 years we have been around, we ask that you take our advice on everything you have read today. We would never lead you down the wrong path, ever. You are our loyal readers and we only want the best for you and your site. So take action today, get a hold of this fantastic company today. And now our famous line, “BAAM Boston”"…..

Today we are going to let you guys in on our well kept secret. How we have made this site so successful, despite being down for a month and pretty much losing all of our traffic and loyal readers. Awhile ago we hired a excellent local seo company to handle our local search campaigns. They came very highly recommended and it is just what we needed to get this site off the ground and somewhat profitable. So we went ahead and hired them, and what do you know, within a month we saw an increase by over 200% in our organic traffic, and it all came from people searching for things related to our site. Without this company helping us out, we would of never got that traffic, so it paid off within the first month tenfold. Now we are using them every month, and it just keeps getting better. We have multiple results on the first page, and by multiple I mean over 20. I think that considering our whole site was down for about a month, and we lost all rankings, it is incredible that they got us back so quick and for so many kw’s. There is no doubt in my mind that local search is gowning daily, and more and more people are going for their mobile devices to find things, like stores and local business’s. So if you do not adapt to the current and future trend, you will be left out and your competitor will be getting all the business. That is why it is very imperative to find a local search company that can get the job done and get it done right. They must have a proven track record, have positive reviews across the net, and they must be close to you physically. I would say to stay far far away from any companies not in the US, as the risk is very high, and the results are usually very poor. This company we are using has proved to be the best local seo company out there, simply by the results they have gotten us in the amount of time it has taken. Not only that, but the customer service is exceptional, the call return time is usually within a few minutes, and their pricing is very affordable.

If anyone reading this is trying to get more traffic, or increase their search rankings, I would highly suggest checking out this company for more information. They will definitely take care of you, and if you mention to them that you read this post, which by the way they have no clue we wrote, then you might be able to get a few dollars off the monthly price. But do not quote us on that. Just know that we are recommending them for any local search work you need done, and they will do a great job for you all the time.

Here is their site that you can go to

Thanks for coming back to the site. We do appreciate all the emails and phone calls that have been coming in. We should have this great site back up and running shortly, so stay tuned for some great stuff!